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PV Home Services is a family and locally owned business right here in Phoenix, AZ. It is our mission to offer the best products at the best prices with the best service possible. We promise to treat your family and your home like it's our own.

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Money in Your Pocket

Homeowners who go solar qualify to receive a 26% Federal tax credit towards the cost of the solar installation. On top of that, you get a $1,000 tax credit from the state of Arizona.

In Arizona, the average energy cost is between 12-16 cents per kWh. When you go solar, you will only be paying between 4-8 cents per kWh for your energy. What this means for you is your monthly energy expense will be cut in half. That is money back in your pocket each and every month.

Your Savings

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Easier on the Environment

The average solar energy system we install saves enough carbon emissions that it is the equivalent of planting over 200 trees per year.

Breathe easier with solar. The average system we install is the equivalent of saving more than 18,000 lbs of carbon dioxide from being released into the environment, per year!

The average Solar Energy System we install saves over 900 gallons of gasoline each year. This is approximately the amount 2 cars consume each year.

Finance Options to Fit Your Needs

We have many different finance options all with no money out of pocket. With 10, 15, 20 and 25 year loan terms, and interest rates as low as 0.99%, we have an option to fit whatever financial objectives you have.

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