Go Green & Save Green

Our Process

You go solar to save money, help the environment, and reduce stress. We feel like you should be doing all of these things right from the beginning.

Below are all the step to Go Green & Save Green.

Step 1

Custom Solar Proposal

The first step is a solar consultation with one of our Solar Pros, this can be completed in person or virtually. We custom design a system based on your needs to save you the most money.

Everyone uses energy differently and everyone has different goals and future plans, because of this you need a system designed specifically for you.

Step 2

Site Survey

The next step is site survey. 24 to 48 hours after you agree to our proposal we have one of our technicians come out and complete a site survey, he will inspect your electrical panel and get pictures and measurements of your roof to ensure your home is ready for Solar.

drone shot of home rooftop with solar panels installed
solar panels installed on terracotta roof

Step 3


After the  site survey is completed, we work on the final designs for your project.

Step 4


Once your designs are ready, we submit them to your local city and utility company for permitting and approval to begin work on the project. This is also the stage of the project where we would communicate with your HOA and complete any approval they may require.

drone shot of home rooftop with solar panels installed
man screwing solar panels on rooftop

Step 5


As soon as we receive the permit and approval from the utility company we are ready to begin installation. Our average installation takes 1-2 days to complete.